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3 Viral Makeup Techniques That DO NOT Work

Updated: Jan 20

Here’s What To Do Instead!

If you’ve searched makeup tips on YouTube or TikTok you’ll find hundreds, maybe thousands!, of videos on makeup hacks and what’s the easiest most convenient way to put on makeup. And you might find some very helpful and some just downright ridiculous (have you seen the spoon eyeliner trick yet?)

Now don’t get me wrong not all of the tips are just for click bait. There are actually some really helpful one’s that I have actually used myself. But the key difference here is that I pretty much know what’s going to work and what’s not. And if you don't regularly do makeup or get paid to do it for a living you might find yourself confused wondering if any of these tips actually work or is it just another waste of time?

But you’re in luck! You have an amazing makeup friend who’s going to help you out. Not only am I going to tell you what doesn’t work I’m going to show you what to do instead. Because what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t give amazing helpful advice to help you apply makeup like a boss!

And because I am a boss in what I do, these tips will be given to you through a recent live tv show I shot. ;) Enjoy!

Viral Tip #1 - Applying Red Lipstick For Under Eye Circles

You may have seen this viral makeup hack before. The person uses red lipstick to conceal dark circles before foundation in hopes to cancel out any dark tones.

Does it work?

Maybe. But that’s a BIG maybe. Lipstick has a specific formula that is meant to be used for lips - and cheeks sometimes. The reason why they consider this a makeup hack is for the shade and to cancel out the dark tones before concealer. BUT red is too harsh of shade for everyone and to correctly cancel dark circles you should opt for a peach/orange tone instead. Not to mention concealer has a specific formula that is safe to use around the eyes!

👉🏼 What to do instead:

Buy an inexpensive color corrector that pairs well with your skin tone. If you have fair skin use a light pink to peach, medium tones will use a peach to light orange, and deeper tones work best with deeper oranges.

Viral Tip #2 - Use A Ton Of Foundation + Apply With Your Fingers

More foundation will cover more correct? Not necessarily! Although this trend is a little dated as natural makeup is much more popular right now, I still see this tip quite often. And one of the biggest questions I get asked is, "Is it okay to apply foundation with my fingers?"

Which leads me to...

NO. Absolutely no. I really don’t like this type of technique going viral. And for so many reasons. For starters, using too much foundation actually brings out the things you're trying to cover and will make your skin breakout like crazy. Also, using your fingers may cause you to break out as well and wastes a lot of product because it just doesn't blend well and can create a streaky mess.

👉🏼 What to do instead:

Buy a cheap brush that does most of the work for you! Elf has an amazing foundation brush that does not shed and gives you that flawless finish. Also, you absolutely do not need foundation all over your skin. Just certain areas will do! Nautral skin has dimension and applying foundation ALL over makes it look too fake.

"Natural skin has dimension and applying foundation ALL over makes it look too fake. "

Tip #3 - Over line Lips For A Full Botox Free Pout

Ahh, the Kylie Jenner lip liner technique. We all want full lips but don't necessarily want fillers. So overlining them works wonders right?

Maybe. This one’s a maybe because it works on camera in photos and video. But in person? NOPE. It looks wayyyy to obviously fake.

👉🏼 What to do instead:

Apply a dark lip liner and SLIGHTLY over line your lips. You can even close off the cupids bow the illusion of fullness. Apply a clear or lightly tinted gloss to the top and there you have it! Fuller lips without looking silly.

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And that’s it! I hope that this was helpful for you and explained clearly why these tips probably don’t work, BUT now you know what to do instead. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these and how it went for you. Remember the best tip I can give you is to take classes from a professional! The most important part in learning something new is feedback, which is simply something you can't get from YouTube or TikTok!

See you in the next one!

Yours in Makeup + Art,


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