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"As Seen On TV: The Power of Showcasing Your Makeup Business on Live TV Segments"

Finally add that As Seen On TV banner to your portfolio!

Picture this: Your makeup brushes are perfectly positioned, your palette is a colorful masterpiece, and your skillful hands are ready to work their magic. Now, imagine all of this happening on live television, with thousands – maybe even millions – of eyes watching your every move.

Now it might sound scary, but showcasing your makeup business on live TV segments can be an exciting and life changing opportunity. In this blog post, we're diving into the reasons why taking the spotlight on television can be a game-changer for your makeup business! And if you'd rather watch this class instead of just reading about it, I have a free class on this with an Emmy award winning producer, Jen Tobias Struski. Click here to get the free class!

Reason #1 - Unparalleled Exposure and Reach

When you appear on live TV, you're not just presenting your skills to a small audience on social media. TV segments have the power to introduce your makeup business to viewers who may have never heard of you before in a much larger scale. This exposure can lead to a significant boost in brand recognition and, ultimately, an influx of new clients because they trust and like what you're selling.

Reason #2 - You Establish Credibility and Authority

So we all know TV is often considered a trusted source of information and expertise. Think back to when a commercial sold you on a product you didn't think you needed. TV has a way of doing this because there's an instant trust factor with the person selling.

Being featured on a live TV segment positions you as that expert in your niche, instantly establishing credibility and trust with your audience. As you confidently show off your makeup skills and share valuable insights, viewers will recognize you as a go-to expert in the beauty industry and want to book with you because you're a local celebrity!

"As you confidently show off your makeup skills and share valuable insights, viewers will recognize you as a go-to expert in the beauty industry and want to book with you because you're a local celebrity!"

Reason #3 - You Can Engage and Connect with Your Audience

Live TV segments provide a unique opportunity to engage with your audience in real-time. As you show off your makeup techniques and share tips, viewers can interact with you through social media and follow you instantly. This direct engagement creates a sense of connection and community, allowing you to build a loyal following of makeup enthusiasts who resonate with your brand.

Reason #4 - Visual Impact and Demonstrations

Seeing is believing, and live TV offers the perfect platform to showcase the visual impact of your makeup artistry. Through live demonstrations, you can illustrate the transformative power of your skills, from easy to learn tips to stunning transformations. The visual element captures the viewers attention and leaves a lasting impression on them, inspiring them to want to book with you because they want that for themselves.

Reason #5 - You Get To Showcase Your Unique Style and Brand

TV segments provide an opportunity to showcase not only your makeup techniques but also your unique style,brand personality, and most importantly niche! From the makeup products you use to the way you interact with the host or audience, every aspect of your appearance contributes to your brand's identity. You can also have a call to action or special discount to offer the viewers at home in the end!

Reason #6 - You Boost Your Business Growth and Opportunities

Appearing on live TV segments can lead to a ton of exciting opportunities. From collaborations with other professionals to invitations for future media appearances, the exposure gained from TV can open doors you never imagined. I did one segment in 2018 that lead to 19 more!

Lights, Camera, Makeup!

Now I know stepping onto the live TV stage might seem like a leap into the unknown, BUT hear me out. The rewards in your makeup business by doing this are so worth it. For me, the expanded exposure and credibility to engage with my audience was a rewarding experience in itself. But it lead to other opportunities which can be a step towards reaching new heights in your career and that extra push that you needed.

So, instead of being afraid to be in front of the camera, embrace the spotlight, let your creativity shine, and get ready to wow the audience with your amazing makeup artistry. Your business deserves nothing less than a main character moment in the limelight! 📺💄

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