How To Correctly Apply False Eyelashes

I feel like there was a false lashes boom that hit roughly a couple of years ago that hasn’t died down. I know they’ve been around FOREVER but it seems like a makeup look just isn’t complete without them now. When I started wearing false lashes I was 13 and I would wear them every. single. day. Which back in 2003 and that wasn’t that normal. I know I’m a super hipster.

So considering I’m 28 now I feel like I have pretty good experience and advice when it comes to properly applying lashes. Even though I don’t wear them every day (anymore) I can easily tack them on in a couple of minutes. It’s kind of like riding a bicycle, you just never can forget. But if you haven’t yet learned how to master the lash don’t worry! I’ve listed some tips and tricks I use and haven’t failed me, yet. Because yes there is definitely a wrong way to put falsies on.

The way I’ve set this up is by addressing a few common problems with false lashes and what you can do to fix them. Also, remember falsies never look good when they’re made from real animal fur. Synthetic is the way to go and I know a few brands that will quickly become your favorite.

Photo Credit: @seteales via Unsplash

Photo Credit: @seteales via Unsplash


#1 The inner corner almost ALWAYS pops up whether you notice it or not.

Probably the biggest problem for me was that damn inner corner that pops off midday. I don’t know if it’s the oil on our eyelids, lack of glue, or just that particular spot but I notice this happen to a lot of women. So here's a trick I use. First, take your tweezers and pinch them together. At the very tip put a bit of lash glue on it. Then using a handheld mirror or get really close to one, apply a tiny dot on top of the inner corner eyelash. Let it dry and put some eyeliner on top if needed. You’ll be surprised how hard it is to get your lashes off now. No more popping off until you decide!

#2 You’re applying your lashes with your fingers and it’s getting in the way.

It’s really difficult to master putting lashes on without any tools and it just creates a mess with the glue. Instead, use tweezers to carefully apply them while looking up in the mirror. And no not the tweezers that come with the lashes! I’ve found that those are too small and they don’t open enough. Just some regular good old tweezers will do the job.

#3 The lashes are too close to the inner corner and it’s making your eyes itch/get irritated.

I’ve done this multiple times cause I was just too lazy to trim my lashes. But trust me it makes a big difference when you make sure they fit properly. Make sure to trim your lashes to avoid this problem! I personally trim the ends versus the inner corner of the lashes. I find that it causes less irritation!

#4 You’re putting your falsies directly on your real lashes.

Fake lashes are supposed to go on the line above your lashes not directly on them. And It’s super noticeable when you’ve accidentally done that. Make sure you’re close enough to a mirror to see what you are doing and you’ll know you’re right when you can feel the cool sensation of the glue on your eyelid.

#5 You’re not putting the glue on correctly.

So with traditional glue, it needs to be wet in order to work right? Well not eyelash glue! You need to let it dry and get "tacky" before you apply your lashes. I know it's a weird concept, but trust me it’s going to help you a lot if you’re just a little more patient. Let the lash glue dry for about 15 seconds before applying your lashes. It will make a huge difference in the application, trust me. DUO is my go-to brand for eyelash glue because it works so well.

The best eyelash glue:

#6 You just don't know how to put them on.

Chances are you’re not going to get the lashes on exactly how you want them at first. So work from the outside in! Place the middle to the edge part on, make sure they’re secure, and carefully grab the first part with tweezers and place them in the inner corner. It takes a lot of practice but once you get it it's really easy. Don't give up!


So now for the fun part!

Now that you know how to apply them, you need to get the right ones. There are sooooo many lashes to choose from ranging from real mink fur to synthetic (fake hair). So which one do you choose?


The problem is with mink fur is that the fur industry is a cruel world. Hair is yanked from the animals while they're still alive and screaming in pain. It is a very hard thing to watch and it's not worth it just for beauty purposes. Some companies may claim that they wait for the mink to shed to use the fur but in reality, it's a business. They value profit over humane practices. Use your gut feeling and best judgment when purchasing beauty products. There are amazing alternatives that work better and care.

If you want a list of some great brands click here to my sister site Kind Kat Beauty. I personally love this brand Azeredo Cosmetics owned by girl boss, Amanda Azeredo. These lashes are insanely comfortable and beautiful. They are worn by celebrities and even used in Elle and Vogue editorials! I buy the set because it has all the different styles for different occasions. The best part is that they are cruelty-free and a portion of proceeds goes to cancer research. With good care, every pair of lashes can be reused up to 15 times! If you want a discount use my code NADIA10 to receive 10% off your order.  Trust me, you'll love them just as much as I do. 

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