Halloween Makeup Series

It’s finally here!!!

The most wonderful time of the year has begun! I don’t know about you but I LOVE Oct-Dec. Even though I’m in South Texas, which typically means I don’t get to experience the leaves changing colors, very cold weather, and snow, I still absolutely love Fall.

So I have a tie for my favorite Fall holiday. I can’t decide between Christmas or Halloween; I just love them both. BUT, Halloween does hold a special place in my heart because of makeup.

Like I mentioned in the evolution on “Nerdia Cat”, I first saw special effects makeup in a music video. I was instantly hooked in the world of theatrics and grew up trying to learn and practice special effects makeup.

In 2014 I had a seasonal job at Six Flags Fiesta Texas as a special effects makeup artist. It was the best job ever. Seriously who gets paid to create zombies all day? That was the first time I did makeup for a commercial as well.

After that I branched into film & TV production gigs. Now it’s important to note there aren’t as many special effects jobs as there are beauty makeup jobs. So it’s best to be well versed in both areas if you want this as a career.

For this Halloween season I wanted to create a series of Halloween looks that are editorial and feasible for even the most inexperienced makeup artists. I also have a video for each look that shows the transformation of the process! *Each week a new look will be updated on this post & Instagram: @nerdiacatmakeup

I’m so excited to show you my work in makeup and photography. Please enjoy, share, and as always use cruelty-free makeup.


look #1 Avant-Garde




  1. new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them

This look is if you’re struggling on what to be for Halloween, but you want to be something high fashion and not traditional. Honestly with avant-garde, anything goes. Experiment with wardrobe choices, makeup looks, and even artsy accessories. And when people inevitably ask “what are you?” just scoff and say, “innovation”.

look #2 chic clown

It seems that clowns never go out of style for Halloween. It’s a staple look that will always be popular like vampires and zombies. The trick is making a clown look stylish and chic. I love the old school black and white clown makeup look. What I did was create a look that is not too difficult but it’s still Halloween appropriate. Obnoxious red nose, optional.

look #3 infected wound tutorial

For this week, I decided to post a throw back video/look that I created 2 years ago! The reason why is because I actually still really like this makeup. Sure, there are things I would change now but overall I feel that I still use most of the same techniques. Originally this video was for a competition but this look can still work this Halloween!