Find Your
Signature Look Workshop

Flawless At 50 Edition

4 Day Online Workshop | $37

May 19,20,21,22 2022

Learn how to find YOUR perfect signature makeup look so you can look and feel your absolute best and step into your new power!


Ready to take your makeup skills to

the next level and find your unique signature look?

Raise your hand if:

You struggle to cover your dark spots, fine lines, and/or
adult acne.

You can't find YouTube tutorials that correctly cater to

women 50+

You want a unique signature look that looks amazing on you every day that is natural, easy, and quick!

You want to stop wasting time + money on unnecessary

products and long routines!


But what if I told you...

You don't have to be an artist to be good at makeup!

You don't need tons of products or time to create a flawless everyday look.

You don't need to be a certain age only to try fun and unique makeup looks!

You already have all of the techniques and power to create a signature makeup look that makes you look younger, polished, and the best version of yourself.

Your benefits of signing up to the Find Your Signature Look workshop

You'll learn my proven 3-step method to find your signature look. Your signature look means that your routine is curated for your skin tone, type, and texture. Makeup is NOT a one-size-fits-all. You need a routine that works for YOU, not against you!

This workshop is specific to ages 50+ to accurately cater to your specific needs! You will not learn makeup techniques that only suit 20 something skin types. When your skin ages your routine needs to adapt!

You don't need ANY makeup to start! Starting from zero is perfect so you can correctly build your makeup kit without wasting money on products that will not work for you. Have products already? Perfect! We'll discover if they're right for you or not.

You'll learn how to find your perfect color palette, shape, and skincare. Skincare is vital to a successful and flawless makeup routine. We'll discover what works best for your skin texture and unique needs!


I'm a makeup artist and coach with over 10 years of experience! Over the years on set, I've worked with many different faces which helped me learn how to apply makeup the right way quickly. I've taken years of makeup experience and have taught hundreds of people the art of makeup -- with simple, no-fuss techniques! I'm truly passionate about teaching and helping YOU feel confident and beautiful while learning a new skill!


You may have seen my work on


The numbers don't lie

Teaching and applying makeup is my passion


Past students I have taught

makeup to! From everyday

makeup to evening makeup

to Halloween, I have taught

hundreds how to level up their skills using the everyday techniques I use on set!


Years of experience in the makeup industry. I'm not just a makeup enthusiast I work in film, commercial, bridal, and photoshoot

sets! Makeup is my everyday life so I have plenty of firsthand experience on different ages, skin tones, types, and specific needs.


Steps are all you need for every single makeup look. Using my 3-step signature technique I'll teach you how to cut the "fluff" and create makeup looks in record time!

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up Today

The Find Your Signature Look Workshop is a 4-day crash course that gives you the tools you need to curate your perfect makeup look without wasting your precious time + money!


Color Theory Fundamentals: Find Your Undertone,

Perfect Palette, And How To Use Colors + Neutrals!

On day 1 we'll dive deep into color theory which is the #1 important step to successful makeup! Much like an artist with paint, when you master color you can create any makeup look that is perfect for your unique skin tone!



Shape + Line: How To Determine Your Face Shape, Eyeshape, And Pro Brush Techniques

On day 2 we'll discover lines and shapes by finding your unique face shapes and how you can use makeup to enhance or hide them. We'll also practice PRO brush techniques so you can effectively use your brushes to create works of art!



Skincare + Texture: How To Find The Right Skincare Routine For You!

Skincare is the KEY to a flawless foundation! On day 3 we'll finally cut the confusion and find a routine that works best for your skin texture. It's extremely important to take care of your skin especially if you are 50+ so you do not want to miss this day!



Live Demo On A Model!

On day 4 I will put everything you've learned so far and do a live makeup demo on a model so you can see it all in action! This is a great opportunity to learn hands-on and see my process in action!

Plus, You'll Get These Amazing Bonuses!


Skincare buyers guide for oily, dry, combo, and acne-prone skin.


The Signature Look Blueprint. Fill this out during the whole workshop!


Coupon codes for my top cruelty-free makeup brands!


All About Brushes guide. You'll learn how to use each brush and when to use it.


A color wheel guide specifically for makeup.


A fillable face chart to create new ideas and write notes!

Bonus #7

A free 1:1 coaching call! In this ZOOM call, we'll talk about your makeup goals and the best course of action for your success!

Let's Sum It Up!


Find Your Signature Look Workshop + Replay Access (VALUE: $700)

Here's everything you get when you sign up today!

The Find Your Signature Look Blueprint (VALUE: $17)

Color Wheel For Makeup Guide

(VALUE: $27)

All About Brushes Guide

(VALUE: $27)

Fillable Face Chart + Notes

(VALUE: $17)

Coupon Codes For Makeup Brands

(VALUE: $47)

Skincare Buyers Guide

(VALUE: $47)

1:1 Intro Coaching Call (VALUE: $67)


Nice words from awesome students!

"She's so personable and easy to follow. It's amazing to see what she can do and does a great job explaning step by step how to do it!"

This workshop is more than just makeup.

In these 4 days, we'll dive into what's holding you back, why you're struggling right now, goals to move forward, and how to build your confidence with art, makeup, and a new mindset. You'll also make new friends in this amazing community. If you're tired of feeling tired and uninspired join us for a fresh start!


Step Into
Your New


How does this workshop work?

The Find Your Signature Look is a 4-day workshop that is all online. The classes will be streamed via ZOOM + Facebook Live so you can choose where to watch. The workshop will be streamed at 12 PM CST and a replay will be sent to you just in case you miss it or need to rewatch!

How much is the workshop?

The workshop is only $37 with 7 added bonuses! This is an amazing deal as the entire workshop is valued at $949.

Why is it only 50+?

The focus in this workshop is ages 50 and above, however, anyone can attend. We suggest women 45 and above attend as well as the techniques taught are the same. The reason for focusing on ages 50 and above is so we can focus on the pain points and techniques that are needed for this specific age range.

Do I need makeup for this workshop?

Nope! All you need is yourself and the willingness to learn, have fun, and make new friends along the way!

How does the 1:1 call work?

After you purchase the workshop you will be sent an email to a link to book your bonus 1:1 coaching call! This call is about 30-45 minutes and we'll go over your goals, a plan of action, product recommendations, and basic color theory.